Birdproof Polycarbonate Plastic, Pigeon Control Spikes, Bird Spikes 4 Rows Spikes – Pack of 5 Pieces


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Price: ₹ 300.00 - ₹ 260.00
(as of Dec 07,2021 05:39:46 UTC – Details)

PIGEONS by nature fly to landing spots such as roof ledges, building projections, sign posts, trusses, statues, beams, etc. But now you can restrict them from landing on your property with ease, in a cost effective manner and to permanent effect. Deter pigeons from perching with our Ultra Violet Stabilized polycarbonate plastic spikes, which can be installed easily on virtually any types of surfaces. Our Pigeon Control Spikes can be attached to building ledges, window swills, roof perimeters, air conditioners, poles, etc. These polycarbonate Bird Control Spikes are used to deter birds without causing them harm or killing them. FASTENING SPIKES 1- If Fastening with Adhesive, use Dr. FIXIT SILICON SEALANT GPS (crystal colour, do not use black colour and caulking gun), both manufactured by Pidilite Industries Limited and are easily available in the market. 2- Apply the Glue in the center Line of the spike from one end to other. 3- Place the Spike on the Surface where you intend to Finally Fix it. 4- Place the Caulking Gun on the Star Alignment of the Spike and Release the Glue to Create a Rivet. Please repeat the same in all the Star for Long Lasting Results. 5- Repeat the Same for All the Spikes to make it a chain.

SPIKES DIMENSIONS: Width- 3 inches, Height- 4.5 inches, Length- 1 feet, Coverage- 6 inches.
MAINTAINING HEALTH & HYGIENE: Pigeons and their Droppings Create Unsanitary Conditions and can Cause Over 60 Transmissible Diseases, But Now you can Restrict them from Landing on your Property with Ease in a Cost effective Manner and to Permanent Effect.
DOES NOT HARM BIRDS: Birdproof Polycarbonate Bird Control Spikes are Used to Deter Birds Without Causing them Harm or Killing them.
WEATHER PROOF: 100% Clear Polycarbonate Bird Spikes, Ultra Violet Protected Sun and Weather Proof (Not Affective by Extreme Temperature).


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