Defender Bird and Pigeon Spikes 50 feet Spikes with Adhesive Glue Humane Polycarbonate Anti Bird Repellent and Pigeon Deterrent


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Price: ₹ 17,000.00 - ₹ 15,000.00
(as of Dec 07,2021 06:02:47 UTC – Details)

PRODUCT PACK: A 50 foot pack of Defender Plastic Bird Spikes with glue. Pack contains 45 Defender Plastic Bird and Pigeon Spikes each 13. 24 inches long and 1 large tube of fixing silicone. SUITABLE for: Defender Bird Control Spikes will stop pigeons & pest birds from landing on ledges of up to 4 inches stopping them from fowling, nesting and roosting. If the ledge depth is wider, use 2 or more rows. They keep birds off sheds, roofs, buildings, windows, pipes, TV Aerials, guttering, fencing, walls & garden furniture, balconies, trampolines & children’s swings, chimney cowls & pots. EASY TO INSTALL: Our polycarbonate bird spikes are easy & simple to install as long as you follow our installation guide. Its to use the included Defender Silicone. Along the base are 10 snappable sections that can simply be broken to length with your fingers, making it easy to fit the size of the ledge without extra tools. Apply the included Defender Silicone to the plastic spike base, this oozes through special silicone fixing holes so when the pigeon spikes are pressed onto a ledge it locks the bird spike into place. You can also use screws or zip ties. This anti-roosting pigeon spike is made from tough UV Stabilised Polycarbonate, protecting it from the sun’s rays. This means that it will not go brittle or discolor even in direct sunlight. It is also temperature resistant tested from -40 degreeC to +60 degreeC (-40 degreeF to +140 degreeF).

Comes with Defender Silicone Adhesive Spike Fixing Glue
15 Year Warranty covers the UV stabilised plastic crafted to withstand ALL weather
Defender Bird Spikes prevent birds and pigeons nesting, perching or roosting on all ledges
Easy Defender Pigeon Spike installation, simply snap to size and silicone, screw or zip tie down


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